Fire sprinklers

Cost effective, reliable and provide protection for your home and family.

why install a fire sprinkler?

Since each sprinkler head is automatically triggered by heat, it can quickly extinguish a fire to the room where it started and cause little property damage.

how fire sprinklers work

There are a variety of applications that are often accepted by building control officers when fire sprinklers are installed.

Fire sprinkler costs

It is difficult to provide an accurate quote for a domestic and residential fire sprinkler system based on square footage or bedroom quantity.

about us

We specialise in working with:


We work with Architects that surround the South West as our reliable products and customer service have guaranteed their expert approval of South Coast Fire Sprinklers.


A fire sprinkler system is recommended for homeowners that own an open plan living space to ensure the proper safety precautions for your home.


We work with developers to create fire sprinkler systems that follow the requirements needed to provide the safest system for you and your family.

Local builders

Our established reputation has provided confidence for local builders and contractors using our fire sprinkler systems in their residential installations.

Fire sprinklers are effective and reliable!

South Coast Fire Sprinklers can supply and install fire sprinklers throughout the south of the UK including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire that comply with current building regulations and BS 9251.

Reasons to choose South Coast Fire Sprinklers

  • Our fire sprinkler systems can quickly protect your home and family before a fire can spread.
  • These systems are supplied and installed at an affordable and competitive price.
  • We can also Install a mist system, which may be a cheaper alternative.
  • Check with you building control as your property may need a fire sprinkler system.
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South Coast Fire Sprinklers

Cost effective and reliable

we installed so many

experts approved

  • This sprinkler system installation has been easy for me right from the start. South Coast Fire Sprinklers made sure everything was clear to me and that the site survey highlighted everything I needed to know. They answered any questions I had, and were clear and concise, so there was no confusion when it came down to the installation. All of the engineers were very helpful and easy to work with, and they kept the site tidy the whole time. The final installation was very tidy and neatly done.

    Paul Davis Hampshire

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
South Coast are members of the Residential Sprinkler Association which requires quality and reliability in our products and customer service. You can be certain in choosing South Coast for total customer satisfaction.
Fire Sprinkler Costs
If you would like more information about fire sprinklers, please contact us as it could save a life.
First Class Service
We personally design our fire sprinkler systems with developers to meet any specific requirements you may have to ensure the best possible service we can give to our loyal customers.
Fire Sprinkler Costs
If you would like more information about fire sprinklers, please contact us as it could save a life.
Expert Advice
We're experts in fire prevention and will provide information on any request or inquiry you may have on our products. For complete safety against the risk of a fire in your home call us today for a free quote.
Fire Sprinkler Costs
If you would like more information about fire sprinklers, please contact us as it could save a life.