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Following pension reforms in April 2015, those over the age of 55 years are able to cash in their entire pension – an opportunity that could tempt many to become buy-to- let landlords.

If you’re considering any type of property investment, our expert advisers can help you make the right decision and maximise your investment.

For those in the financial position to offer a sizeable deposit or purchase outright, property investment is a very popular way to generate an income and potentially make capital gains in the long term.

Options for Retrieving your Pension

Anybody ready to cash in a pension will have freedom over when they access it and how much they take at any one time. Options include buying an annuity (a regular income for life), taking out regular chunks from the pension pot as and when they wish or simply withdrawing the entire lump sum. A quarter of your pension can be taken tax-free, and the rest will be taxed as normal income.

Investing your pension in property with us as part of a diversified strategy is a very financially beneficial long term choice. The overall financial returns are above the average received from a bank or savings account, and the property that we offer to our clients already has equity from the outset besides a monthly income.

Our advisers will discuss the opportunity to buy investment property with your pension funds on a one-to- one basis to ensure you understand the maximum long term yields and options that are available to you. It is our priority to make sure you gain the returns you deserve, and that the entire process is tailored specifically to your needs.

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