Website CMS

Website CMS

It is often the case that many Content Management Systems (CMS) can be cluttered and confusing to the user, often meaning it is difficult to control and manage the website in question – and for this reason, we have taken a different attitude towards CMS by developing our own customised system from scratch. Rather than provide you with a complex and ordinary content management structure, our system is personalised to every site we create and can offer you greater control, flexibility and confidence when you edit your site.

Here at Bespoke, our straightforward system means that with just some basic training, you can be editing your new site at home or at work in complete confidence. With the source code written in PHP, the basic frame of our CMS is simple and more flexible than most, meaning it can be enhanced at any time to suit your changing needs. We take the requirements of each client into consideration before building each site around them, and our integrated CMS means that potentially intricate or challenging tasks can be achieved effortlessly.

Keeping your website fresh and exciting for your customers or clients is almost as important as setting up a site in the first instance, and by using our custom CMS we can give you the tools you will need to keep your content up to date and engaging.

Simple Content Management

Easily manage your website content across pages, categories or products.

Multi Layout Templates

Pre-design page layouts to make it easier when new content in future.

SEO Control

Simple access to meta information and image alt tags for greater SEO performance.

Database Collector

store a copy of contact form completions securely in your website CMS.

Sitemap Structure

Build new pages under different sections for better sitemap structure.

Infinitely Extendable

Your website can grow to encapsulate any functionality you can imagine.

PHP Code

Sturdy, fast and open source code that provides endless development options.

CSS Access

Make engaging style changes and keep your website fresh and exciting.

Simple Media Upload

Easily and quickly upload images, pdfs and videos to your website.

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