Adwords Marketing

Adwords Marketing

If you are looking for a way to drive qualified traffic through to your site, an Adwords PPC marketing campaign could be suitable for your business. To develop a reliable stream of easily measurable and high quality leads, Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the best ways in which a business can reach out to potential clients, and is usually done with a targeted advertisement. Unlike traditional online advertising, where you are charged to just display your advert, you are only charged through PPC when a customer clicks through and onto your site. This makes PPC a great way to promote your business to the right customers in the right way.

Here at Bespoke, we make the most of our knowledge of Google PPC to create a list of potential keywords that can increase the traffic to your site at an affordable price. We can analyse an existing campaign to understand the current performance of your business against its nearest competitors and using this information, we can find areas to improve whilst reducing costs, gaining you the best ROI possible.

Many of our existing clients use Bespoke as their own marketing department, allowing us to help them make the key decisions to ensure your business targets the areas of most profitability and sees substantial growth.

Keyword Research

We'll search for the best short and long tail keywords to target that will bring you results.

Monthly Reports

Transparent reports which showcase work performed, improvements achieved and conversions made.

Goal Tracking

Google Analytics setup to help identify key conversions so you can see what is working best for you.

Ad Extensions

Relevant extensions to help you stand-out from the crowd and increase advert click-throughs.

Personally Managed

Dedicated project manager to provide key focus to your account and monitor targets.

Ongoing Optimisation

Drive a lower CPC with regular account optimisation and updates.

Negative Keywords

Stay on track with frequent negative keyword additions to ensure your budget is being spent effectively.


Continue to target your prospects even when they've left your website with specific remarketing ads .

Google Shopping

Product Listing ads often appear above text ads and show actual product images from your website.

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