L'homme De Maison

About L'homme De Maison.

L'Homme are a designer of luxury mens footwear worn by celebrities across the world, including 50 Cent and Nick Jonas. They aim to create fashionable high-end sneakers with modern colours and unique styles that are guaranteed to catch the eye.

L’Homme de Maison approached our team with the ambition of creating a new website that would showcase the high quality of their products and promote the celebrity acclaim that the brand had achieved. With a wide array of big names choosing to wear their shoes, the new website needed to be clean, crisp and modern. It also needed to give users the option to make a purchase, and follow the brand easily through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The new site has been met with instant positivity, and there has also been a steady uplift in organic traffic since its launch. The visual impact works perfectly alongside their products, and the live feed from social media has been a huge triumph. One particular area of success has been the ‘celebrity lookbook’, and this has helped to improve sales figures. As a small site, we are now working with the L’Homme de Maison team to add further content and improve the search engine rankings.


Categories:CMS, Web Design

Released:September 2014


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