Cloud Ruckus

About Cloud Ruckus.

Cloudruckus provide organisations around the world with wifi platforms that are powered by Ruckus technology. Their system enables companies to manager their wifi across multiple locations from a centralised cloud management service.

CloudRuckus approached us with a very detailed brief of what they wanted to achieve from their new website. Being in the technology sector it was very important that their website was user friendly and simple to navigate, whilst clearly showcasing the quality of their product.

The web page layout design process was in-depth, with a number of onsite meetings taking place to ensure the content flowed and that the user enjoyed an engaging and positive experience. The website was designed to be search engine and mobile friendly so that it attracted organic visits from prospects searching for the Ruckus Wireless solution.


Categories:CMS, Web Design

Released:September 2014

Link:Visit Website

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Fully responsive

Built on our custom CMS and using the powerful Bootstrap framework, this website is fully responsive across all laptop, mobile and tablet devices, ensuring all users experience positive and fast navigation.


Our custom CMS platform provides website administrators and content editors endless flexibility to update their website with engaging new information.

IP Look-up

Third Party IP Look-Up integration enables the platform to pinpoint visitor location and serve up the relevant website content for their country.

Viewport Loading

Coding the website to load images in viewport ensures a faster, more elegant experience and smoother page transition.

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