1812 Lounge Bar & Restaurant

About 1812.

Named after the year in which it opened, 1812 has remained a hugely successful lounge bar and restaurant for the past two centuries. Based in Bournemouth town centre, the venue is popular for its delicious food and varied selection of cocktails.

The website features the same logo, colour scheme and fonts which are used in the company’s offline marketing which is already popular with their target market. Our team designed a responsive website to enable a positive user experience when viewing the site on all devices. This also makes enquiring from mobile devices very easy, allowing visitors to fill out contact forms with ease whilst on the go.

We took care to create an in-depth enquiry form that outlines the type and exact time of the reservation. This was incorporated in the hope that a large number of the reservations for the restaurant or cocktail bar could be carried out online thereby reducing the number of phone calls the 1812 team were receiving.


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Released:September 2014

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Fully responsive

Built on our custom CMS and using the our responsive framework, this website is fully responsive across all laptop, mobile and tablet devices, ensuring all users experience positive and fast navigation.


Our custom CMS platform provides website administrators and content editors endless flexibility to update their website with engaging new information.

Custom Enquiry Forms

Bespoke detailed enquiry forms that offer a new level of depth with paramaters such as date and time of reservation.

Viewport Loading

Coding the website to load images in viewport ensures a faster, more elegant experience and smoother page transition.

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